Friday, December 17, 2010

Home at Last

We have been home for 2 weeks, and the days are flying by!  I have enjoyed taking a break from most of the busyness that comes during the Christmas season to just love on family.  It has been so much fun to see Yonas and Yosef mold into our family.  They are adjusting well.  Each day they seem to relax a little more and are becoming acquainted with our routine.

It is hard to believe that it was a year ago when Vince and I made the decision to finally pursue adoption.  I couldn't have possibly imagined all that God had in store for us when we began this journey.  Our faith has been strengthened.  God has brought people into our lives that have been there for us, not only financially but emotionally as well.  God has provided the way.  I firmly believe that his mighty hand was all over this adoption.  Every last detail.  I am forever grateful to those of you who have stood by us, cheered us on, and provided the help that we needed to finish this journey. 

We now enter a whole new season in our home.  It is such an exciting time.  Having boys in the house has been very different for us.  Abby and Gracie are realizing just how different boys and girls are.  They get up in the morning ready to go.  They rarely stop and take a break throughout the day.   I am impressed with how patient and caring Abby and Gracie are with them.  This hasn't been as "easy" as they thought it would be, but they are the best big sisters.  They have taught them so much and help them daily with their English.  I enjoy watching them play together. 

As I sit here writing, I have to take a moment to realize that this is my life.  Yes, God has given me 4 beautiful children to train up in the way of the Lord.  I don't take that responsibility lightly, and I know that Vince and I will live our life in service for the One who gave his life for us.  We look forward to the next path He chooses for us.

I will someday get around to writing about our second trip to Ethiopia.  I tried to write about it with this post, but I guess my emotions are too raw.  I just couldn't seem to get words down without bawling.  I have to say it was an amazing week, and I already miss so many things about Ethiopia.  Vince and I look forward to the day we can return. 

I'll leave you with some pictures from the past week

Play dough is a big hit

Decorating for Christmas

Yosef found a new use for our stockings...Ha!

My beautiful girls


Bananas are a necessity in our home

Movie time

Arts and crafts

They love kissing baby Jesus

Look at those beautiful smiles

Merry Christmas from the Monks Family!



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